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We provide a One-stop Design & Build services for our clients - without the Client needing to engage multiple Consultants and managing various Contractors, Subcontractors, Specialists and Suppliers, etc

Professional Services

Being an Architect led Construction firm, we put workmanship Quality & Design at the centre of the company’s focus and reputation.

Strong Team

We believe in not cutting corners on supervision and quality of services. Thus we maintain a strong team to ensure Quality in delivery is maintained.


We have the company strength to target Construction Contracts of up to RM15M in size. Above that we can do Consultant only services.


- Our Architect James Wong is a Registered Professional Architect with Lembaga Architect Malaysia.
- Ar. James Wong graduated with a Masters of Architecture from New Zealand.
- We are a CIDB Registered Construction Firm.
- Studied Earthquake Design Engineering.
- Course on Green building Index Facilitation

Who We Are?


We are a powerful and proud Sabahan team who believes that Sabah can compete on any International platform out there so long as we are given the chance!

We comprise of talented hardworking individuals with a very diverse ethnics, religions, educations, personalities, and backgrounds.

We are also a fun loving team who not only are very serious and dedicated when we work, but we also know how to have a great time enjoying each others company!


Founded in 2010, JWA DESIGN & BUILD is a fast growing Design & Build Construction Company serving in the tropical paradise of Borneo, particularly Sabah, Malaysia. JWA is a multidisciplinary practice that focuses on boutique medium-high end projects where clients require added value through creative design. Projects included resorts, hotels, corporate offices, bungalows, car showrooms, bars, restaurants, cafes, and residential interiors. JWA has since ventured into Design & Build turn key construction since 10 years ago and has been very busy ever since.

- Ar. James Wong [Director of JWA]

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More About JWA

What Makes JWA Design & Build the Best Construction Company in Kota Kinabalu?

One-Stop Construction Company

JWA Design & Build provides the full A-Z scope of design & build construction service in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia. This means we can deliver the whole building or project, and our clients don’t have the hassle or frustration of dealing with so many multiple consultants, contractors, specialists, suppliers and workers, etc. We can solve the headache for you so that you can focus on what you do best!

Fast Speed With Full Scope Construction Service

Due to our JWA Design & Build System, where all our Architecture, Interior Design, Decor and Furniture Sourcing, Quantity Survey, Purchasing, and Construction Departments are all under one roof - it means we are able to coordinate the project much more efficiently and quickly between the various departments!

Provide Best Quality Of Construction Projects

JWA Design & Build consists of many professionals like Registered Professional Architects and Interior Designers leading the forefront of the construction in-house. This helps guarantee that the best quality supervision, workmanship, and construction service are employed during the construction stage, and problems can be resolved on-site effectively!

Award-Winning Design And Build Company

JWA Design & Build is the winner of multiple International Design Awards, such as the International Property Awards, featured in the International Construction Plus Magazine, Property Hunter Magazine, Lembaga Arkitek Malaysia Website, and many more!

All these combined make JWA Design & Build the best construction company in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah!

Knowledgeable and Well-Experienced in Offering the Best Construction Services in KK

JWA Design & Build has over 13 years of experience since 2010 as a design and build construction company that has been delivering high-quality projects ever since!

It takes an architect nearly ten years to complete all the necessary training from a student to finally becoming a Professional Registered Architect. Being an architect-led construction company - JWA is best qualified to deliver the best Design & Build Services possible with the training and experience required.

Provide High-Quality Workmanship for Design & Build Services

In order to get a high-quality result for design and build, it is very important to pay attention to the construction detailing, materials used, and supervision employed on site. At JWA Design & Build, we pride ourselves on being an Architect-led Contractor because, in our experience, nearly 40% of design detailing happens on-site and not just depending on the drawing lines on paper. It is also not good enough to just know how to construct, but it must be constructed - beautifully. And this is the added value our in-house designers bring to the construction site.

We also have our own Purchasing and Quality Control Department, where we have strict SOPs regarding checking the quality of materials employed.

As the best construction company in Kota Kinabalu, we can also assure you that we have the best quality in workmanship. We have professional architects, interior designers and an interior coordinator, among many other different specialists, that will be able to serve your needs and achieve your goals in the design and build for your project. We also focus on ensuring all aspects of construction meet the specifications required.

One-Stop Centre for Full Scope Construction Service as Well as Design and Build

As mentioned earlier, JWA Design & Build is a team with expert professionals in their fields. We are ready to serve you in full-scope construction service without you having to worry about the quality of the end product.

JWA Design & Build will manage everything from beginning to end, including initial design consultation, Local Authority Approvals, BQ & Costing, and Construction Services. By this, you only need to deal with one party, which is JWA Design & Build, and we will handle the rest for you!

Get the Best Design & Build Service in KK with JWA Design & Build!

Other than being able to help you achieve your goals, the best construction company in KK must have other qualities, such as being able to create the best construction building as well as interior design. A good construction building has some characteristics such as durability and resistance to harsh weather conditions.

JWA Design & Build is a reliable construction company that is qualified and registered under CIDB Construction Firm. Our architect is also a registered professional architect under Lembaga Arkitek Malaysia, which guarantees a good quality of work from us. Other than that, JWA Design & Build is also an Award Winner 2022 for Asia Pacific Property Awards.

Let JWA Design & Build assist you in your business. Email us at if you have any inquiries, or contact us at +6088 335 618!